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CLT20 Prediction | Titans vs Sunrisers Hyderabad prediction

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Probably a tricky day for prediction!



Before I go to the prediction I must admit the fact that I do the predictions using Pendulum as a divination tool. I guess you heard about it, for those who never heard about dowsing please Google it. We dowsers rely on exact signs given by pendulum to interpret the answers given by this tool in other words our own subconscious mind. We programme the pendulum before asking it any questions. Like for example, when holding the pendulum in hand we ask the Pendulum to show the deviation for 'YES' and also 'NO'. Sometimes it goes very well that we can predict the percentage of accuracy of the right results without any doubt! Likewise sometimes it may confuse us by giving tricky reactions by giving "NO ANSWERS" or 'NULL' results. That where every dowser stuck and tries to find out what went wrong with the question.

As I said earlier, I avoid predicting the matches in a blind manner  by calculating the statistics and strengths of the individual team. Well, as we all know there are events in the world of sports, weather its Cricket or Football where underdogs have beat world champions! 

But today I came up with a mind in favor of Hyderabad, as usual they are hell of a strong team. Last match they lost their game by just by 12 runs against Chennai which scored 202! With the likes of Shikar Dhawan and Sammy Hyderabad is the favorites in this game. 

Having said that, while I was doing the predictions with my Pendulum I got anticlockwise motion for the question weather Hyderabad will be the winners in today's game. I was stunned by the answer and changed my question completely and asked " Will titans win this game?" And I got yes! But how? Of course Titans are pretty strong, but comparing to Hyderabad it will lose its potential in both batting and bowling.

So for this match I am going with the favor of Pendulum even though I was confused with some of the weird motions. If something goes wrong with today's prediction I am pretty sure its my fault while interpreting the answer. 

However, as usual I'm always confident about the prediction I have made.

So here it is folks! 29th cricket prediction for Predictionspot with the accuracy of 72.41%

Titans vs Sunrisers Hyderabad CLT20 prediction

Titans are going to win this game against Sunrisers Hyderabad on 28th September 2013 playing at Ranchi

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