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Ashes 2013 schedule | Predictionspot

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Ashes 2013

The Ashes 2013 will begin from 21st November 2013 in Australia. As everyone knows England and Australia are one of the greatest rivalries in the game of Cricket. Ashes 2013 is an highly reputed Tournament organized by Australia.

The Tournament consists of 5 test matches hosted by Australia and it will end on January 07 2013.

Predictionspot is working hard to give best predictions for the Ashes. We will catch up soon with a new start. Keep in touch!!

Ashes 2013 schedule

21-Nov10:000:001st TestAustralia vs EnglandBrisbane
5-Dec10:300:002nd TestAustralia vs EnglandAdelaide
13-Dec10:302:303rd TestAustralia vs EnglandPerth
26-Dec10:3023:304th TestAustralia vs EnglandMelbourne
3-Jan10:3023:305th TestAustralia vs EnglandSydney

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