Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sri Lanka vs New Zealand Result

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2nd ODI: Srilanka vs New Zealand at Hambantota on 12th November 2013
RESULT: New Zealand Won by D/L Method (  Are you kidding! Sr Lanka scored 138 runs in 23 overs losing only 1 wicket, chasing 203! Still they lost the game! D/L method sucks!!)
SCORECARD: Sri Lanka 138/1 (23/23 ov); New Zealand 203/6 (23/23 ov, target: 198)
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1st ODI:  Sri Lanka vs New Zealand at Hambantota on 10th November 2013
RESULT: No Result
SCORECARD: Sri Lanka 288/9 (50/50 overs); New Zealand 13/1 (4.2/50 overs)
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