Friday, 30 May 2014

CSK vs KXIP Qualifier 2 - who will win?

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So who will make it in to the final today? CSK have won a wonderful game over Mumbai Indians by seven wickets with eight balls to spare. On the other side, KXIP have surrendered completely against Kolkata Knight Riders in the previous game.

CSK is boiling with the monetum they got in the previous game while KXIP are just like a wonded tiger and you never know when they will attack the opposition. For this game, KXIP are desparatly looking to win this game as they should enter into the finals. Surprisingly, their main guns in the form of Maxwell and Miller are not playing up to their potential in the crucial moments.

For CSK Dwayne Smith is in a tremendous form. They have clinched easy victories against all the teams in the recent past. The strong middle order in the form of Dhoni, Jadeja and Hussey have made it so easy for CSK to build partnerships in the crucial moments.

Apart from some weakness, KXIP is also a dangerous side. The hard hitting batsman in the squad are the strength of the KXIP. If players like Maxwell, Miller and Saha fire in this game, no doubt MS Dhoni and Co find it very difficult to win this game.

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