Friday, 26 July 2013

Upcoming Indian cricket talent Ambati Rayudu.

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Well, who is on the spotlight now! Its upcoming Indian cricket talent Ambati Rayudu. Unlike so many other cricketers, 27 year old
Ambati Rayudu came from a humble beginnings. The story of Ambati Rayudu is so fascinating that, his fights and problems with the establishment of Hyderabad cricket(2005-2007) are very well known. Along the path of his journey of cricket, he found support from the former Indian cricketer, Robin Singh. Rayudu thanked him after scoring fifty on his first ODI debut against Zimbabwe.

Robin Singh who is currently in USA is very happy hearing his boy's progress. In 2002, Robin was the Under 19 coach, where Rayudu hit a wonderful 177 runs off 114 balls in a one day match against England. Robin says now,
"Back then, he was supposed to be the first one from that age group to make it into the Indian team. Things didn't go well after that for him but I have always tracked his progress. I saw some of his ICL games, and was very happy with the way he was batting."

There's no doubt Indian cricket has produced great talents in the past and its even producing now. Hearty congrats to Ambati Rayudu.

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