Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pakistan, Australia and Netherland cricket prediction

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So here it is! My first cricket prediction on 28 August 2013 for the game playing on 29th. Although many cricket matches are playing on 29th including India A v New Zealand A, Yorkshire v Durham and others, I have taken some major ICC matches for consideration.

First game is between Pakistan and Zimbabwe playing in Harare. First ODI was a nightmare for Pakistan. We all know how Zimbabwe knocked down Pakistan by a dramatic win. They once again proved anything may happen in cricket! But its time for Pakistan to earn their pride. Well lets see!

Second match is the ICC World Cricket Championship game playing at King City between Canada and Netherlands. The ODI has its own remarkable importance. Because winning this tournament can help the team to vanish their underdog status in the world of cricket.

Third game that I took for the prediction is last but not least. Its Australia vs England. And what a rivalry this teams have been over the years! After a disappointing performance in the Ashes, Australians are eager to hunt England. The T20 game is playing in Southampton on 17:30 GMT and 23:00 IST. Australia must win this game, not just because its a another game. But its a matter of what they would call prestige!

 Predictions for the cricket matches on 29 August 2013.

1Pakistan vs Zimbabwe7:30 GMTPakistan
2Canada vs Netherlands14:30 GMTCanada
3England vs Australia17:30 GMTAustralia

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