Saturday, 26 October 2013

Five Pakistan Women Cricketers banned for false 'Sexual Harassment'

By on 13:41

Five Women Cricketers from Central Multan have accused their Team selector and Club Chairman of demanding sexual favors in return to their selection in the regional and International squads.

Although the officials have denied the allegations, the investigation by Pakistan Cricket Board(PCB) revealed that they falsely accused the male officials of their club of sexual Harassment in a TV show.

The PCB set a enquiry regarding the Issue where after the investigation, finally ruled out that Five Women Cricketers must be banned for Six months from 23rd October this year.

When questioned by the Committee three players refused to found guilty and denied having been Sexually harassed.

The report mentioned that the Multan District Cricket Association has also been censured by the PCB and asked to ensure that all clubs registered with them follow the regulations and disciplinary procedures of PCB.

The convener of the probe committee and manager of Pakistan women's cricket, Ayesha Ashaar, said that the five women would be kept under probation for a period of one year after which the evaluation of their conduct will be made.  


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