Saturday, 2 November 2013

Australian Women's Twenty20 cup results

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15th Match: South Australia Women v Western Australia Women at Adelaide on Nov 8, 2013
RESULT: WA Won by 8 wickets with 17 balls remaining
SCORECARD: SA 96/9 (20/20 overs); Western Australia Women 97/2 (17.1/20 overs)
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14th Match: New South Wales Women v Victoria Women at Sydney on 8th NOV 2013 at Sydney
RESULT: NSW women won by 7 wickets with 5 balls remaining
SCORECARD: Victoria Women 110/6 (20/20 overs); New South Wales Women 113/3 (19.1/20 overs)
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13th match: Australian Capital Territory vs Tasmanian Women on 8th NOV, 2013 at  Queanbeyan
RESULT: ACT Women won by 85 runs
SCORECARD: ACT 161/6 (20/20 overs); Tasmania Women 76/9 (20/20 overs)
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