Thursday, 20 March 2014

100% accurate cricket prediction yesterday! 4/4

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DATE: 20th march, 2014

100% accurate Cricket predictions for yesterday!! 4/4 

All the 4 games that were predicted was 100% accurate. Especially the prediction for the game Australia vs NewZealand was special for the reason being fluctuated winning favorites in every moment of the game.

Australia: 200/20 overs
NewZealand: 197/20

1. Netherlands vs Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe will be the winner
Result: Zimbabwe Zimbabwe won by 5 wickets

2. Ireland vs United Arab Emirates: Ireland Will be the winner
Result: Ireland Won by 21 runs (D/L method)

3. Australia vs NewZealand: Australia will be the winner
Result: Australia won by 3 runs

4. India vs England: India will be the winner
Result: India won by 20 runs

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