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England vs New Zealand, best Cricket Prediction and Tips

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England vs New Zealand match is scheduled to begin at 9:30 local and 19:00 Indian Standard Time. On the Paper both England and New Zealand are equally balanced in terms of batting and bowling.

Predictionspot is giving the best Cricket predictions and tips since ages. For this game, I have calculated both probability and outcome in terms of number game. I can't reveal the number-play for the cause of intellectual theft by other predictors. 

The Weather at the venue - Chittagong is pretty awesome to bat.

England vs New Zealand Cricket Prediction and betting tips

Cricket Prediction for the World T20 cup game goes with no favorites. Both teams are equally balanced. However, every cricket team has its own weakness. I have predicted this game using that sole weakness of both teams.

England vs New Zealand Cricket Prediction

Winning Probability for both teams:

England: 51.34%
New Zealand:  48.66%

Toss Prediction: New Zealand may win the toss

Overall Prediction: England will be the winner against New Zealand in the World T20 game playing on 22nd March 2014 at Chittagong.

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