Thursday, 24 April 2014

Donations are appreciated! Lets make Predictionspot a brand!

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Help me with making Predictionspot as a brand

Hi everyone, I am Aditya Jois - admin and Predictor at Predictionspot.  As the IPL games are becoming more and more unpredictable, Predictionspot is looking forward to maintain the same consistency until the end of the IPL 7.

For those, who wants to Donate for Predictionspot are really appreciated. Donations are not asked for the individual profit but rather, We want to build Predictionspot with a strong base and making Predictionspot as a BRAND!

Why are we asking donations?

1. To make Predictionspot as a brand.

2. Building a professional Android/mobile app which delivers Cricket predictions straight into your mobile.

 3. Buying paid backlinks and SEO softwares to develop the site.

4. Hosting Predictionspot in Wordpress for giving it a more professional look.

5. And of course, your support in the form of donations will certainly make my team happy and it will encourage us to give the service even more better.

NOTE: Your amount doesn't matter, but your support really matters. Lets make OUR site Predictionspot rock!!

Thank you!!! 

If you are interested in donating please notify me before via email or through Contact us form.
Contact me via:

Donations via Paypal: 
Name: Adithya H R

Donations via bank: 
Payee name: Adithya H R
A/c no: 056001507983
RTGS/NEFT IFSC code: ICIC0000560
City: Mysore
State: Karnataka

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