Monday, 21 April 2014

Sites copying cricket Predictions from our site!!

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 Many websites are copying our website content and Predictions

Predictionspot has predicted 5 right predictions out of 7 matches in this season of Indian Premier League. We are targeting more than 75% right predictions at the end of IPL. We have predicted 3 neck moment matches with utmost confidence and also using logical statistics that nobody have given in this season.

I have found many sites as many as thirteen which copies the predictions predicted by me and taking the full credit for themselves! Some guys are copying the entire texts of predictionspot articles and also facebook comments which clearly proves that they are copycats.

For this reason, I have forcefully came into a decision by making the prediction download manually from our fans and our loyal visitors.

From today onwards, All the predictions will be uploaded at which is a file hosting site. Our clients/visitors should download the individual predictions by completing a little survey/offer/signup actions which will avoid spammers and copycats.

I have requested from many people to give them predictions by messaging/mail which will be practically impossible as it will become non-profit and also time killing. Predictionspot avoids to give the services as a paid. For this reason I have made this program, so that everyone can download the predictions for FREE by completing small surverys or offers.

Instructions will be soon given in the site to download predictions. Stay connected and keep in touch.

I didn't understand!! What are you saying??

1. All the predictions will be FREE!! as always.

2. Predictions will be uploaded as a PDF/DOC file.

3. You can download the file by clicking the "Download" button and you will redirected to another page which will ask you to complete a survey or to download another file like media player or any other software which is 100% safe and tested by me.   

4. After downloading a file you have to install it on your computer. ( this is not the prediction file!)

5. That's it!! Prediction will be available to you for download after you complete the above steps.

6. After this you can uninstall the software or any program you have installed on your computer.

Why This??

1. To avoid spammers from copying the predictions.

2. To get small amount of money for the maintenance of the website and hosting charges.

3. To make our service absolutely FREE! and available for everyone.

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