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Australia vs New Zealand T20 world cup prediction - Warm up matches

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Australia is taking on New Zealand in the warm up game of the World T20 cup tournament at Fatullah. The game is scheduled to begin at 15:30 local time | 9:30 GMT | 15:00 IST. Australia are the favorites in this game with the presence of Glenn Maxwell and Aaron Finch.

T20 world cup warm up matches, NewZealand vs Australia

The weather is pretty awesome for the big clash between two great teams.


I have calculated the game stats and probability, even though the match is just a warm up game, we can witness an exciting match between the two great teams. On paper Australia is slight stronger compared to the squad of Newzealand. However, New Zealand is not a underdog team. Unlike other international teams New Zealand has a record of firing at the slog overs of the game and destroying the hopes of the opposition till the last moments of the game.

The winning percentage for both teams are calculated and as follows:

Australia: 58.43%
New Zealand: 41.57%

Average Scores tips:

Australia: 183/ 20 overs
New Zealand: 162/--

Toss: Australia may win the toss

Overall Prediction: Australia will be the winners against New Zealand in the warm up game of the world T20 tournament on Wednesday.

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